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To many employees, holidays are the best days to go on duty because they receive higher pay. With all the holiday pay stubs and double-time wages, they can earn a lot. Employers would understand how hard it is to calculate wages on this season. There are actually a few easy steps you can use in order to solve your problem.

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1. Learn More about Holiday Pay

Most employees believe that every holiday is a chance to receive double way, which is not true. If you want to avoid being asked by your employees about it, you inform them before the holiday comes.

2. Check if it is for Holiday Hours or Double Time

If your company is usually offering for a different rate on holidays, you must be able to realize that it is different from double time. Doing your research about this will aid you in paying your employees right.

3. Looking at the Standing of Your Employees

Before anything else, you must know if an employee is working part time or full time. Part timers can receive bonuses for being on duty for special days. Full timers also get the benefits that part-timers get on top of their paid vacations. The payroll must explain everything in detail to avoid confusion.

4. Calculating Wages

If you have clearly stated that a certain holiday has a special rate, make sure to reflect it on their wage. You can avoid having mass resignation if you will take good care of your employees.

5. Reflecting their Double-Time Duties

Once you keep their records, you will have no problem in paying them. Nothing could go wrong if you follow what is recorded.

6. Creating the Best Pay Stubs through an Outstanding Software

If you are still relying on the old school type of making pay stubs, you must be able to know what is commonly used right now. With the use of your computer, you can have a software that can automatically create pay stubs for each employee. It will reduce stress in your part, especially that it can keep backups for every record you have. Calculation errors are also eliminated.

Your employees are important assets in your company, which is why it is a must that you should take good care of them. They spend hours in your company, so they have to be paid well. Having a good software in calculating their hours of work will surely be of great advantage.

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