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Why Synthetic Diamond Engagement Rings are Worth Buying

The popularity of manmade diamond engagement rings has been going up lately. Just like natural diamonds, the synthetic ones are stunning, offering superior quality. Diamonds created in the lab are also cheaper than natural rocks of the same size and quality.

Below is a brief description of the lab diamond creation processes before delving into their many perks.

Artificial Diamonds

Artificial diamonds are produced using advanced technology and processes in highly controlled lab conditions that simulate the environment under which natural diamonds are created underneath the Earth’s crust. Actual carbon atoms are used to make lab diamonds to ensure the product has the typical crystal structure of natural diamonds. Ultimately, the processed rock exhibits the same optical and chemical attributes as naturally-occurring diamond.

The Perks

The purchase of engagement rings made with lab created diamonds is associated with numerous perks. For starters, these diamonds are eco-friendly. The methods employed to create the jewelry are tenable over the long term, with a negligible effect on the environment.


Lab diamonds are ethically developed. The diamonds are an outcome of theft, for instance in regions experiencing civil war. The most important raw material (carbon atoms) used in the manufacture of such diamonds is obtained from genuine sources.

A Variety of Hues

In case you’re searching for a diamond engagement ring of a certain hue, lab made diamonds have the color range you want. There are colorless diamonds as well as a range of fancy colors for your selection. Actually, the formulas for lab diamond creation can produce a range of fancy colors that are hard to find naturally, such as different hues of stunning fancy yellow. Thus, manmade diamonds won’t disappoint when you want a rock displaying your preferred optical characteristics.

Relative Low Cost

Synthetically manufactured diamonds offer good value for your money. At fairly lower costs, these diamonds provide chemical and visual characteristics similar to their mined counterparts. So, wearing a lab made engagement diamond ring does not mean lowering your standards of taste and class. Also, a visual examination cannot authoritatively decide that a particular diamond ring is natural or artificial. Only a specialized instrument can make that distinction by detecting tiny differences in the formation of the diamond, such as trace elements as well as crystal structure.

The Jewelry is Extremely Beautiful

Laboratory made diamonds are extremely gorgeous, pretty much like the mined diamonds. That’s the result of the diamonds being chemically, physically, and visually similar to the natural rocks.

You can buy stunning lab made diamond engagement rings at relatively lower prices today. The jewelry boasts superior quality and it’s manufactured ethically. Additionally, the diamonds production processes have a negligible environmental impact.

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