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How to Make the Most of your Camping at Glacier National Park

If you have never been to Glacier National Park, then you should try camping there on you next vacation and you will have one of the best camping experiences ever. One of the best family activities you can have is camping since you can spend the time bonding together and enjoying the beauty of nature. However, camping at Glacier National Park will give you a unique camping experience not like your usual camping trip. You will an amazing time camping in their wonderful place.

Glacier National Park is located in the Rocky Mountains of Montana. If you are going camping, you can choose from 13 major campgrounds and the more experienced ones can choose from a variety of backcountry sites. The Blackfoot and Kootenai Indian tribes once lived in this place and until now you will still see find remnants of their sacred culture within the park. If you will take note of the information on Glacier National Park it lists down more than 50 glaciers, 200 lakes and streams, a valley of wildlife, and 730 miles of trails for backpackers and hikers. If you camp here then it will be a totally different camping experience.

If you want to keep safe and enjoy you camping trip to Glacier National Park, then you should consider the following tips.

Since the national park is very vast with many different parts, it is good to coordinate with the camp services to know the best places where you can have a truly great experience. You need to know the places where you can camp for free since there are also campsites that require permits and fees. So be used to go only in designated camping areas.

Under any circumstances, you should never feed or approach wild animals if you see them. If you want to keep safe in this camping trip, then you should follow this safety precaution.

If you need firewood, you can buy them from store within the park or collect them from designated areas. It is not allowed to gather firewood in the woods or roads near the campground. There are ecological reasons for this prohibition. Us the fire grates provided in the camp for your campfire.

You should only pitch your tent on pads provided or designated areas. You can find drinking water and flush toilets around the camping grounds but you cant have utility hookups.

Activities allowed in the park include bike riding, sports fishing and other activities.

To be able to know the exact place in the campground where you intend to stay, make sure to bring a map with you. To avoid unpleasant surprises, learn as much as you can about the park.

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